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UCF Arena Gets a New “Green” Look

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New Management Team Making Environmentally Conscious Decisions

In July 2010 when the management firm Global Spectrum began running the UCF arena, it was news that mainly went unnoticed. The average UCF student would be more concerned with events taking place at the state of the art venue rather than who is managing the building. Undoubtedly Knights Basketball games and concerts take precedent in the minds of college students. However, beginning in January people at UCF  started to take notice of the UCF arena for a different reason and it has everything to do with management team that took over last summer. 

Exterior of UCF Arena

Global Spectrum has recently announced an initiative to make the UCF Arena a greener, more environmentally friendly structure. Beginning in January, ideas were put into action and suddenly the arena and its staff are much more eco-friendly.  The building and its surroundings, which cost around 107 million dollars to construct, are now becoming a model of how to conserve in a modern world. Looking around the exterior of the arena patrons can find numerous places to recycle waste. Many more bins have been added inside and outside the building. Arena staff will use cleaning products that are only green seal certified. The green seal is a non-profit organization thats been promoting environmental sustainability on the open market since 1989. Employees at the UCF arena will also be buying products made from 100 percent recycled material as well and new green trashbags will be used.

One of the biggest changes that is in the midst of taking place is the lighting system at the arena. Many lighting fixtures outside and on the service levels of the arena are being switched out for new ambient light sensors. The new lights will be able to determine amounts of natural light present and reduce wattage automatically. According to Ron Rideout, Assistant GM of the UCF Arena, these lights will be especially useful on non-gamedays when the arena isn’t being used for much. Rideout continued to say that while saving money is part of this initiative, more importantly it’s just the right thing to do.  Students on campus are starting to take notice of the arena and its changes. Some are beginning to wonder if the arena can set these goals then why can’t the rest of UCF. It is a question that has yet to be completely answered, however the new UCF arena in 2011 is setting the pace for environmental sustainability. 

New recycling bins are located all over the UCF Arena complex


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February 2, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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