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Campus Police Getting Tough at Crosswalks

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Recent Accident Has UCF Police Writing More Tickets

– Arthur Volpe

             The intersection at Gemini Boulevard near the UCF Rec and Wellness Center has a notorious history according to campus police. On February 3rd, 2011 that section of road lived up to its reputation when a young woman was struck and injured by a passing white Toyota Corolla. The woman who remains unidentified sustained head injuries and was transported to Orlando Regional Medical Center. While she is expected to make a full recovery, the accident has brought jay-walking to the forefront of issues UCF police deals with daily. The investigation revealed that the woman was walking against the traffic signal when she was hit by a car. The woman was lucky to get away from the scene without life-threatening injuries but now campus police is changing its policy towards people who ignore cross walk signals.  

Traffic signals are often ignored at busy campus intersections

           According to UCF Police and Public Information Officer Troy Williamson, campus authorities will begin monitoring jay-walking more closely and be much more quick to hand out citations. A ticket for jay-walking will cost someone around $62.50 which police hope will be a deterrent for rushing across a busy intersection.  Authorities say the cross walk outside the UCF gym isn’t the only problem spot on campus. Other intersections include those by the East and West Plazas near UCF Arena where students have a bad habit of running across when they feel traffic isn’t coming. The increase in citations will hopefully reduce accidents near the UCF gym and all across campus as well.

             Until this point UCF police haven’t been quick to write tickets for jay-walkers mainly because it hasn’t been a priority. Sargent Troy Williamson says the main focus recently has been patrol for crime prevention. One of the biggest concerns has been a rise in recent auto thefts on campus. As a result many UCF police cars patrol campus garages. However with jay-walking showing it can be an issue, officers will have to divert attention to preventing future accidents. In a recent interview Sargent Williamson stated his desire not to hand out citations however something needs to be done. “Our job is to save lives and if it means somebody getting a ticket you can be upset. At least I don’t have to sit there and have somebody pick you up and take you out to the trauma unit at ORMC.”    

Crowded Campus Intersections

          As of today jay-walking continues on campus at UCF. Officer Will Stone of campus police mentioned numerous instances of jay-walking he has seen while on patrol. It is a problem UCF police wants to solve and hopes the increase in citations will do just that. The goal is to prevent future incidents like that seen in front of the Rec and Wellness Center. People will continue to take chances however a ticket may make someone think twice about running through a cross walk.


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February 16, 2011 at 7:02 pm

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UCF Arena Gets a New “Green” Look

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New Management Team Making Environmentally Conscious Decisions

In July 2010 when the management firm Global Spectrum began running the UCF arena, it was news that mainly went unnoticed. The average UCF student would be more concerned with events taking place at the state of the art venue rather than who is managing the building. Undoubtedly Knights Basketball games and concerts take precedent in the minds of college students. However, beginning in January people at UCF  started to take notice of the UCF arena for a different reason and it has everything to do with management team that took over last summer. 

Exterior of UCF Arena

Global Spectrum has recently announced an initiative to make the UCF Arena a greener, more environmentally friendly structure. Beginning in January, ideas were put into action and suddenly the arena and its staff are much more eco-friendly.  The building and its surroundings, which cost around 107 million dollars to construct, are now becoming a model of how to conserve in a modern world. Looking around the exterior of the arena patrons can find numerous places to recycle waste. Many more bins have been added inside and outside the building. Arena staff will use cleaning products that are only green seal certified. The green seal is a non-profit organization thats been promoting environmental sustainability on the open market since 1989. Employees at the UCF arena will also be buying products made from 100 percent recycled material as well and new green trashbags will be used.

One of the biggest changes that is in the midst of taking place is the lighting system at the arena. Many lighting fixtures outside and on the service levels of the arena are being switched out for new ambient light sensors. The new lights will be able to determine amounts of natural light present and reduce wattage automatically. According to Ron Rideout, Assistant GM of the UCF Arena, these lights will be especially useful on non-gamedays when the arena isn’t being used for much. Rideout continued to say that while saving money is part of this initiative, more importantly it’s just the right thing to do.  Students on campus are starting to take notice of the arena and its changes. Some are beginning to wonder if the arena can set these goals then why can’t the rest of UCF. It is a question that has yet to be completely answered, however the new UCF arena in 2011 is setting the pace for environmental sustainability. 

New recycling bins are located all over the UCF Arena complex

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February 2, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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Global Spectrum Runs UCF Facility

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The UCF Arena has new management. The brand new basketball and concert venue is run by Global Spectrum. The Philadelphia based company considers itself an environmentally friendly management firm that runs close to 100 facilities worldwide. In Orlando, UCF’s gem of a facility was placed in the hands of General Manager Lexie Boone. Boone has begun the process of creating new green policies for the state of the art arena.

Global Spectrum is responsible for daily operations at UCF Arena

The management team led by Boone is responsible for managing, marketing, and operating the building which hosts UCF Men’s and Women’s Basketball as well as numerous concerts throughout the year. The company’s job has been extended into new cost cutting, environmentally friendly methods of arena management. January marked the start of a new campaign that promises to reduce operating costs while simultaneously promoting a cleaner, healthier environment for the UCF community.

In a recent phone interview with Assistant General Manager of the UCF Arena Ron Rideout, the facility’s newest plan for going green was talked about. Rideout stressed the importance of lowering overall operating costs at the campus arena but the motivation for doing so wasn’t solely monetary. Rideout stated that helping to preserve the environment was also simply the right thing to do. The new plan at the arena, which began in January, included numerous changes to aspects of the arena. Staff on site will be using products made from 100% recycled material, green seal certified cleaning products numerous more recycling bins available to dispose of waste. New ambient light sensors on the service levels will also help reduce wastes in electricity.

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February 2, 2011 at 1:46 am

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