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Despite Potential FDA Ban, Sales of Caffeinated Alcoholic Drinks Up

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Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Adminstration announced it was working with manufacturers of caffeinated alcoholic beverages to remove their products from stores in an attempt to make them safer. Despite the potential health problems associated with drinks such as “Four Loko” and “Joose” college students apparently are stocking up on the drinks before they disappear from store shelves by December 13th. One store owner in Washington State said his business sold 30 cases of Four Loko only hours before the state’s governor announced the product would be banned. The drink, which is combination of caffeine and 12 percent alcohol in a 23.5 ounce can, has created a recent controversy with many experts connecting the drink to dangerous and reckless behavior in young people.  

Four Loko comes in Multiple Flavors

The potential for dangerous side effects hasn’t dampened collge student’s enthusiasm for caffeinated alcoholic drinks. Sales of the drink at the University of Miami have gone up since Spring Break 2010. Many turn to the drink because of its high alcohol content and cheap price which appeals to the average college student. There is some confusion about the FDA’s actual plans for caffeinated alcoholic beverages. The agency hasn’t banned the drinks yet. It has threatened to remove these beverages under federal law if changes aren’t made by manufacturers to make their products safer. Some store owners who carry the product believe this confusion may be why some students are now buying the “Four Loko” and “Joose” by the case. Some students state they plan on buying large quantities of the beverage in order to sell it to interested students at a much higher price. Such is the case in Columbus Ohio where some are referring to a new “Four Loko black market.”

After December 13 when Phusion Projects LLC and United Brand Inc. completely remove their beverages from stores, the companies will create a new formula for consumers without caffeine and other additives.


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November 27, 2010 at 8:53 pm

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