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New Analysis from 2010 Midterm Election

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The 2010 midterm election is firmly in the rearview mirror and some new statistics show young people still aren’t voting in high numbers. A recent analysis by CIRCLE, a civic participation research center at Tufts University, shows that about twenty percent of young people across the country voted this year. According to Rob Lockwood, of the College Republican National Committee, youth voter participation was expected to be down this year. The analysis by CIRCLE was conducted through exit poll numbers taken the day of the midterm election this year.   

The study recognized that organizations such as Rock the Vote and The League of Young Voters were successful in recruiting young people to the polls. Young people who did cast their ballots did so in favor of the democrats. Fifty six percent of young people who voted went for the democrats compared to 40 percent choosing republican. The study attempted to explain why more young people didn’t vote this year. There appears to be a disconnect between politicians’ campaign rhetoric and the topics that young people truly care about. These topics include unemployment, climate change, and the rising cost of a college education. The study concluded young people feel these issues were overtaken by partisan attacks on the campaign trail. 

A lack of political efficacy for young people is nothing new. However, the country is only recently removed from a 2008 presidential election where young people came to the polls in droves. Nearly 70 percent of this highly coveted demographic voted for Barack Obama. The CIRCLE study concluded that since 2008 there has been a lack of innovation in getting young people involved in the campaigning process. A tactic used extensively by the Obama administration to mobilize young voters two years ago.  However one thing is clear. Most young people are staying home on election day.


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November 14, 2010 at 11:43 pm

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