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KnightSat II Managers Cite Positive Progress

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Recent interviews with KnightSat II project managers Michael Pfisterer and Chris Valle have shed new light on the progress of their satellite design. Currently the KnightSat II design is awaiting final approval by the University Nanosatellite Program in January 2011. Pfisterer and Valle both spoke on the difficulty of funding the project. The University of Central Florida refuses to give more funds to the KnightSat II project, citing budgetary issues as the main reason. KnightSat II is receiving most of its funding from the United States Air Force Research Laboratory. Chris Valle talked about the positive feedback his team was receiving from their presentations at several small satellite conferences across the country.

Valle continued by saying industy experts examined the KnightSat II project and gave it high marks in its potential ability to remove orbital debris hampering space missions. According to Michael Pfisterer the group’s work in the nanosatellite program has opened many new doors not previously available. Pfisterer said that because of his participation in the competition he earned an engineering internship in the spring.  The project is not solely focused on aerospace engineering. Pfisterer is a mechanical engineer who says the project is more than just constructing a satellite design. It also requires the working parts and computer knowledge to make a satellite design a reality.

Example of the CubeSat design

According to Chris Valle, regardless of the outcome of Nanosat-6 in January the group is prepared for alternatives. KnightSat II will be entered in Nanosat-8 if not chosen for implementation at the start of 2011. There is also potential for the information learned from KnightSat II to be applied to future projects.


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November 3, 2010 at 8:43 pm

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