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KnightSat II Competing to “Launch” New Project

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A recent article in the Central Florida future highlighted a campus group of engineers looking to build something out of this world. The UCF group KnightSat II is a select team of UCF engineering students. The team has made recent headlines for their participation in the national Pepsi Refresh Project.  The competition continues until October 31st and people can vote until that time to determine which idea they like most. The reward for finishing in the top two is a $250,000 grant which KnightSat II will use to implement their idea for launching a satellite into orbit.

KnightSat II is representing the University of Central Florida in a national competition conducted by the United States Air Force. The University Nanosatellite Program give UCF engineering students a forum to promote their ideas and compete with schools across the country. The KnightSat II satellite is designed to clear away debris that currently orbits Earth. Orbital debris is an issue when it collides with satellites operating around Earth’s orbit. 

A representation of orbital debris around Earth

KnightSat II engineers are preparing a final model to present to the UNP in January during the final review session. KnightSat II does receive some funding for its ideas however not enough to put the satellite into action. The final results of the Pepsi Refresh Project could provide the necessary funding to change ideas into reality. There will be more to come on this campus team of engineers. KnightSat II states its mission is to develop quality engineers that are prepared professionally and technically for the real world and to enhance future careers in the aerospace industry. We’ll find out if that mission is being accomplished.


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October 27, 2010 at 7:39 pm

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