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UCF Students Provide Link to Government Jobs

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Campus green organization I.D.E.A.S. started in 2008 under the direction of co-founders Chris Castro and Henry “Hank” Harding. I.D.E.A.S. stands for Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions and the goal of the organization is simple. Educate students in environmental sustainability and conservation efforts while providing those students with volunteer and service opportunities. The result of these efforts has been numerous projects that have impacted the University of Central Florida and the Central Florida community. Recycling challenges, beach cleanups, pond restorations, clean energy bike rallies, and plastic reduction campaigns have all been put into action over the past several years. I.D.E.A.S. top leaders are taking their ideas beyond Central Florida thanks in part to the Department of Energy. 

I.D.E.A.S. promotes conservation at UCF

Chris Castro was an intern at the Department of Energy in 2009. Upon completion of his internship, Castro was asked to participate in a new pilot program for the country. In an effort to increase interest in department programs, The Department of Energy started a new method of recruitment. The Student Ambassador Program takes former Energy interns and pays them a stipend to return to their respective campuses and promote department ideas. Each paid intern earns the title of student ambassador. Chris Castro represented the department’s southeast region. Energy believes more interested students will look for department internships when they have the opportunity to listen to someone they know and has already worked for the organization. Typically government organizations take one day campus visits where they meet students and gather resumes. Now the recruitment process is extended over an entire year.

The Energy Department is pushing its new Student Ambassador Program because of new employment demand. According to a Partnership for Public Service 2009 report, The Department of Energy is expected to hire more than 800 new employees over the next two years. Energy believes students who intern with the department will look towards government jobs once they graduate college. The program is described as being much more personal and interactive than just simple web browsing or e-mail. Energy also believes the program will be more cost effective than hiring full time recruiters. Getting students comfortable about working for the Energy Department is priority number one.

UCF goes green

The University of Central Florida is in a rare position. UCF student Chris Castro was one of only six original interns to become a student ambassador. In 2010 there are eight regional representatives across the country. University of Central Florida students interested in working for the government have a direct connect to the energy department through two of their fellow students. Henry Harding says students are much more inclined to listen to people their own age. The program makes it easier to relate information to a younger generation. Castro agrees saying that the program also will give students an advantage when applying for future government positions.


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