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UCF Zimride Shows Growth Amid Traffic Woes

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Recent interviews with UCF Student Government officials have revealed new statistics on the Zimride system at UCF. The online carpooling service which connects users on the UCF network through Facebook began on Central Florida’s campus  June 29th with several hundred members. Views of the UCF Zimride system database show a recent trend of growth on campus. 

As of today, over 400 rides are registered on Zimride through the UCF network. Over the past 90 days close to 1,000 UCF students have registered on Central Florida’s Zimride site. Krishna Singh, Director of Parking & Transportation Services at UCF was quoted over the summer as saying the fall semester would be Zimride’s first real test. Parking troubles remain a pressing issue at the third largest university in the nation. UCF officials have been under pressure for real solutions. Recent construction of a new Parking Garage J between the Fairwinds Alumni Center and Psychology Building should add roughly 1,400 parking spaces. However as of today UCF’s student body of over 53,000 students will still be battling each other for roughly 17,000 on campus parking spaces. 

The Zimride System hopes to alleviate traffic issues found in most UCF parking garages.

The question remains is Zimride going to become an effective alternative to driving to school everyday? UCF Student Government certainly hopes so. More on this story will follow in the next several days. This includes UCF’s plans on the future of Zimride, and if the program is growing fast enough to meet expectations this fall.


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September 20, 2010 at 9:56 pm

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